Islamic Cooperatives Can Help Alleviate Poverty

by: Dian Andari One can find many parallels between Islamic knowledge and Indonesian ideology. An economist at the Islamic Research and Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank (IRTI-IDB), Umer Chapra, asserts that the goal of Islamic law or Maqasid al Shari’a is the well-being of humans. Humans are obliged to create a just development

CALL FOR ESSAY : Book Of Essays In Islamic Economy from The UK forIndonesia

In 2016, Thomson Reuters produced a report called as The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/2017, which provides the latest developments in Islamic Economy and the areas that can be developed further. Examining developments in 73 countries and 7 sectors, the result shows that Indonesia is located as number 10 for the Global

Islamic Moral Economy(IME)’s Worldview for Development: between Forms and Substance

Mohammad Nuryazidi Islamic Moral Economy (IME) concept of economic development emerges since early 1970s primarily as a critique of the prevailing system including capitalist and communist modes of development, which disregards the importance of moral and human well-being achievement (Chapra 1992; Naqvi 2003). A global financial crisis in 2008 demonstrates a market failure mechanism, which